Impossible Truck Driving GamePlay:

Driving in the sly, have you ever played or experienced this kind of driving simulation before? Impossible Truck Driving will give you a chance. Come and enjoy the best moment ever as you control a long, heavy truck in the way floating in the air. At y8 boy games, this way is made of containers connected. You not only have to take advantage of your driving skills but also put a lot of attention and skillful.

20 levels filled with obstacles and challenges are waiting for you ahead. As a professional truck driver, you won’t fail. Drive on the containers to complete 20 stages. You aren’t under the pressure of time, so just drive at the low speed to lead your truck in the right direction without falling. Adjust your speed is an important factor to success on y8 driving games If you drive too fast, you are easy to deviate and cause an unexpected accident. Besides, you will find it hard to stop at the right time at the parking slot. The path is narrow and not straight. You have to turn your truck a lot to go to the final destination.

Your mission is to drive and park. That’s all. It sounds quite simple and easy but you have to put effort and skills into success. Be well-prepared because the challenging level increases as the game processes. Good luck! Challenge yourself to the next level with this game and enjoy other driving and parking games as amazing as this one such as Russian Train Simulator and Sports Car Wash Gas Station

How to play: WASD/ Arrow keys to move, C to change camera and Spacebar to stop.

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