Racing Masters GamePlay:

Let's get ready for an action-packed racing game. It's intense, it's fun and it's challenging. Check out what is waiting for you in this game. Which aspects of a game that attract you the most? Visual, gameplay, or genre? Racing Masters has all. Unlike other racing games that you have played at y8 unblocked, instead of completing each lap at high speed with a friendly attitude, you will enter a racing battle where you are under attack of your opponents. They will launch a rocket at you and make your car explode so you can't keep racing.

However, you can protect yourself with various power-ups that you can unlock more during playing. Make sure you collect coins along the way to do it. The game offers 100 levels with an increasingly difficult level. You must reach the finish line in top 2 to unlock the next race on http://y8y8y8.games/. If you are the third or the last racer come to the finish line, you lose and you have to play that level once again until you finish it with a higher rank.

Collect coins is also important. With coins, you can buy upgrades and new cars that help you so much on the race. New cars mean better performance and more chances to win. Upgrades mean you have the power to avoid the attack from your competitors and boost your speed. Some power-ups will be unlocked by diamonds and you get diamonds by winning.

Reading is not enough for you to know how awesome the game is. Play and enjoy fully all features that the game offers. Also, don't forget to discover more games such as Car Eats Car: Sea Adventure and Parking Jam.


Click to use power-ups and up arrow to drive.

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