Snow Fast Hill Track Racing GamePlay:

You may race on many different terrains like mud road, mountainous track, under the rain or sunlight but have you ever tested your driving skills in the snowy road before? It’s slippery and you are easy to crash, cause accidents. If you love the racing game and want to show your driving skill to the world, then you should check out Snow Fast Hill Track Racing.

At free y8 games, you have an amazing chance to explore the most exciting car racing simulation experience ever in the tracks full of snow. Having a try and enjoy the differences that you have never done before when racing on snowy hills. The most important thing is to control your speed. You must know when to speed up and when to slow down. Driving at the high speed is too dangerous on the snow hills. If you want to get familiar with the new terrain, you can play in the practice mode first. At here, you will learn about every aspect you need before entering the real competition.

Now, when you are confident enough, you can join the race against 3 other opponents. You are better to be the first one who reaches the finish line to win or any position to unlock the next level on http://y8y8y8.games/ 8 racing tracks are waiting for you to conquer.

As you process in the game, the challenging level increases significantly. Be ready to face that. After completing this game, you can try other racing competition or enjoy other driving experiences on Taxi Driving 3D Simulator and Extreme Bikers

How to play:

Use Arrow keys to drive and Spacebar to use the hand brake.

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