Snow Excavator GamePlay:

Snow Excavator is a fun game related to driving but you won’t drive around or race against other racers. Here at y8 car games, you drive a snow excavator to clean the roads. After a snowy night, most of the city has been blocked snow. Traffic freezes. There is not a single vehicle on the road because it is covered with snow. People can go out to work or go to school because there is no way out due to intense snowfall.

You have been mobilized to rescue the snowy street. Your main duty is to clear snow. You will see some people sitting in the car waiting for you to clear the snow at each level. You need to clear the front of the person's house with snow so they can drive out. Those cars will follow you until they reach clear areas.

Be careful some blocks of ice will fall. You have to avoid them and other obstacles along the way. You have to rescue a certain number of people at each level but you don’t have to make it in a given time. Take your time to finish your mission on http://y8y8y8.games/. However, your car can’t turn back. It only can move forward. So if you miss rescuing a car, you can’t correct your mistake. There is the only way to finish that mission is to play once again.

With each successful level, you earn coins and you can use coins to buy new snow excavators in the store. Unlock them all and conquer every single level here. Many people wait for you at their house. After finishing your mission, let’s discover other interesting games for free such as Ojek Pickup and Off The Rails 3D.


Use your mouse to control the snow excavator.

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