Ojek Pickup GamePlay:

Ojek Pickup is all about motorcycle taxis. It’s related to vehicles but it’s not a driving game but a fun puzzle game in which you will guide the Ojek motorcycle to the right way to pick up passengers and drop them at their destination. At y8 boy games, you will discover 6 different Indonesian cities with 5 levels in each city. Each level offers a map with the street network, the destination that the passenger wants to come, and the location that you will pick them.

You have to draw a line go through the pickup location to the destination of each customer and click on the play button, then the Ojek motorcycle rider will move on the path that you draw. Interestingly, the driver can pick up more than one passenger. It means if there are 2 passengers, you can guide the Ojek motorcycle rider pick up both of them, and drop them in their destination in order.

As you level up, the puzzle becomes harder as the road network becomes more complicated and you not only guide one Ojek motorcycle rider but two. On http://y8y8y8.games/, from more than 1 Ojek motorcycle rider, you have to make sure that each of them moves their own way and they won’t crash into each other. The game doesn’t require you to finish each level in a given time, so you can build long distances for each Ojek motorcycle rider.

Besides, the roads can intersect as long as Ojek motorcycle riders don't crash into each other. If you get stuck, you can use hints to handle it. Think before taking action. Have a safe ride and our site has some great options for you to enjoy such as Moto Rush and Tractor Mania.


Use your mouse to draw the path.

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