Block Craft Zombie Attack GamePlay:

Survival game with zombies. You earn new weapons to survive as many waves as you can in the Block Craft Zombie Attack online game. Do you want to start now? We'll be able to get started! You will discover a lot of fascinating things. What is your mission? Fight bosses and kill rare zombies for even better rewards and become the best zombie hunter ever! You need to level up to enter the new map. In choosing between life and death we need to have a lot of survival skills to be able to discover many ways to confront the opponent.

Get started now and invite your friends to join, share the fun with them, and join them in conquering the evil zombies. You become the hero in this city, we need to have a new sense of the battle for survival. Enjoy the online game Block Craft Zombie Attack right away at action games. Are you ready to step into the dangerous world, the difference between life and death? Everything is very close together. You need to be resilient to do that. We need to feel this detailed and realistic battle story. Please share a lot of shooting techniques with players. How to find zombie locations?

How to approach the opponent and what to do to be able to cross this line as quickly as possible. You will have a lot of levels to express yourself, we will gradually experience all levels to gain experience. You will try to learn and explore a lot of different maps together. Together build a peaceful city without zombies, without death. All of that depends on a hero like you. You need to do more techniques. Get started right away with some other games similar to Blind Bat and Pocket ZONE.

Game controls: WASD key to move.

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