Merge Fish GamePlay:

Merge Fish is a fun and challenging online game tests flexibility and problem-solving skills. This game is about fish but the player is not going to go fishing this time. Your main objective is to earn the highest score by merging fish at y8 boys game. It just likes a match-3 game. This is a 4x4 pool and Different colored fish are sitting on the bank waiting for you. All you need to do now is to tap or click on these fish to make them jump into the poor. You strategically match more than 3 fish of the same color and sit next to each other to create a new fish with a new color. Merge more than 3 fish to create a new one.

The game is over when the pool full of fish. This game offers endless experience. You play until you can’t move. There is no limited time or move. So, take your time to find the best solution in order to get the highest score. You shouldn’t move randomly. Let’s observe and think first. Look for a couple of fish with the same color next to each other, then make the matching fish jump into them to create a combo. If you move without thinking, the pool will have no space soon. Merge fish and make room for other fish.

Discover new fish by constantly merging on http://y8y8y8.games/. The fish later have higher scores. It’s both entertaining and challenging. It suits all ages. Just follow the rule and you will get familiar with the gameplay over time. Then, the highest score won’t out of your reach.

There are many genres of games available on our site and the new ones will come soon. If you want to find some games with match-3 gameplay like this one, just check out Tug The Table and Mysterious Candies


Tap or click to merge fish.

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