Save The Fish GamePlay:

Puzzle games vary in theme and gameplay. Each type of puzzle game helps you improve some skills, especially problem-solving skills, and also gives you hours of fun. Let Y8y8 introduces to you the latest puzzle game called Save The Fish. As its name, your main mission is to save the fish from being trapped. It wants to go back to the ocean and with your help, the fish will be free and safe from many dangers out there.

In terms of gameplay, you have to pull the pin in the right order to release the fish. Then, your fish will swim straight to the starfish and fill its empty stomach with this tasty treat. Your mission doesn’t end there. You also have to pull the pin to get the sharks and other ferocious fishes to be sucked into the trap. Therefore, your little fish can safely swim to where it needs to go.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, keep in mind that you have to do 2 missions: release the fish and trap the hungry fish who wants to swallow your little friend. A level is successful only when the fish eats 3 starfish. Starfish also plays as in-game currency that can be used to unlock new fish in the store. New fish in the store doesn’t have any special skills. What you have is a new skin. Like other games out there, the difficulty level of the game won’t keep the same. As you level up, you deal with more challenging puzzles with more obstacles.

Get ready to overcome all challenges waiting for you ahead. After conquering the game, you can spend your time playing several interesting games such as Fail Run and ABC Game.

Controls: Use your mouse to pull the pin.

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