Save The Uncle GamePlay:

Puzzle games are always the most picks at y8y8y8 because players can gain some benefits from playing a puzzle. For example, puzzle game sharpens spatial-visual intelligence and the ability to find solutions to problems, sharpens memory, train eye, and hand coordination, and so on. That’s why new puzzle games are always added to our site to welcome all fans of puzzle games and Save The Uncle is one of them.

The uncle in this game is an adventurer. He loves to explore new lands. He is in danger right now. He is lost in an unknown land and your main mission is to help them get rid of all dangerous situations. To reach that goal, you have to pull the right pins. If you pull the wrong pin, the uncle’s life isn’t secured. He can be eaten by a giant spider or he can fall into a hot larva and more. Every pin is the key to the uncle’s life. That’s why here at https://y8y8y8.games/, you should observe before taking action. Once you pull a pin, you can’t move back. The only way to correct your mistake is to restart that level.

Remember that you don’t have to always pull every single pin in one level. Just pull the key pins to reach the goal at each level. This game is not too easy and not too challenging but you need to use some skills to solve the puzzle. If you get stuck and can’t find the solution by yourself, you can use hints to solve it. Look for more games that have the same gameplay on our site and here are some suggestions for you Ripple Jump and Little Panda

How to play: Mouse.

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