Save Pilot GamePlay:

What would it be when you have a flight in the sky as a stylish pilot but get attacked? Unfortunately, you can’t fight back. The only way to be safe is to dodge the attack. Fly around as you have never been attacked. Its name tells everything. You have to save the pilot in Save Pilot – a dodging game that everyone can play, even kids. Here at y8 com games, as it said above, dodging is the key to win in this game and your main goal is to survive as long as possible.

However, dodging is not all the things you have to do. You will see a small arrow beside your plane. It indicated the direction that you should follow. Follow it and you can collect some useful power-ups such as shields, speeds, and weapons. Shields protect you from being attacked. Speed makes you accelerate and avoid being attacked. Weapons here is not actually the weapons that you may think of. It just like when you collect it, your enemies are automatically blown up.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, stay away from the red items and the things are flying to you. They are dangerous and just get one hit, your plane is damaged and the game is over. Pay attention and you won’t fail. Don’t be distracted at any moment because just a few seconds, you fail. Navigate your plane and explore the sky as the way you like. Have fun around with anything that wants to hurt you.

This game suits kids as well. After this journey, you should check out other awesome games on our site. They’re sure to give you a lot of fun and a great experience. Some of the best choices are Stencil Art and Pizza Delivery Puzzles.

How to play:

Use your mouse to fly.

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