Stencil Art GamePlay:

Stencil Art is a simple game designed for anyone who wants to have a relaxing time without thinking of anything, just simply play and relax. Here at y8 free games, if you are looking for such kind of game, this one is a perfect choice for you. What you do here is easy to understand and straightforward, so kids can play as well. You just need to use given sprays to paint some awesome pictures.

You even don’t have to think of what you are going to paint because this game has prepared everything for you, from canvas to different color paints. By completing this picture to that picture, you will unlock new color paints and the pictures that the game gives you latter to become more complicating with more details. The more you play, the more fun you have.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, many pictures are waiting for you to discover. In the beginning, you may not know what will be appeared after you paint. It will be gradually revealed as you process and the whole picture will appear after you finish. As said above, there is no challenge here. You just need to paint, unlock new pictures and paints, and this process repeats. The key point of this game is to bring you a great time that helps you calm your mind and release stress after a hard-working or studying day.

It’s not boring at all. You will find some values in this game. Just play and feel it. After that, you can check out other options that boost your mood on our site such as Pixel Skate and Pipeline 3D Online.

How to play:

Use your left mouse to spray.

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