Noob vs Zombies GamePlay:

Noob vs Zombies is an amazing puzzle game that tests your problem-solving skills in terms of finding the best way to kill zombies and monsters. You can meet Noob in other games at y8 games war. This time, Noob will deal with monsters and zombies. He has borrowed the hammer of the thunder god Thor for that. However, he has trouble using this particular hammer. That’s why you are here to help him. No one can move in this game but you can turn them.

Noob and the warriors can turn around. While Noob is holding the hammer, the warriors are holding the shield. You have to turn Nob and warriors so that the trajectory of the hammer will hit the target. Each level requires you to kill a certain number of enemies. When you turn Noob and warriors in the way you want, the Battle button will appear, and just click or tap on it to start the battle. Enemies like skeletons, creepers, and others won’t attack you but if you miss the shot, you lose.

Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, each level is a puzzle and has a solution. Your job is to figure out that solution. Just look at the map and the position of Noob, warriors, and enemies and you will know how to solve the puzzle. The game doesn’t offer hints or any special items. You have to rely on yourself to clear each mission. The current mission is finished, the next one awaits you. The battle between Noob and zombies won’t end soon. Let’s fight for your life.

Enjoy every moment here and you know what, more fun games are coming and tons of fun games are waiting for you to explore such as Noob Flip and Stickman vs Zombies

Instructions: Mouse.