Stickman vs Zombies GamePlay:

Stickman vs Zombies is a fabulous action-packed shooter game about an epic battle between stickman as you and hordes of zombies. Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, you are surrounded and under the attack of zombies. To survive and sweep zombies out of this land, you have to kill all zombies. Zombies will come to you right after you enter the battle. You will shoot at the nearest targets. Killing zombies sometimes drop items such as mines, weapons, HP, and so on.

Pick them up and make use of them to kill zombies effectively. The weapons that you pick up have temporary use. They will disappear after a few seconds. Here are some props that you can get and use in the battle: Anti-tank Mines, Hexagonal Laser, Dark Matter Shield, Directional lightning, Prop Magnet and so much more. Besides, you also have airdrop supplies such as Shotgun, Hand Cannon, and more. Do you see a green circle around you? It is your HP.

In this cool y8 com com game, when you get bitten or attacked by zombies, you will lose some HP. That’s why you don’t want zombies to come too close to you. Keep moving back to avoid attacking and make sure you don’t put yourself in any corners because you can’t escape from zombies. Like any level-based game out there, as you advance, the game becomes more challenging. Here, new kinds of zombies will come and they are much stronger.

To be able to deal with them, don’t forget to upgrade yourself and your weapons with coins that you collect from killing zombies. Good luck and enjoy your free time in other awesome games such as Mr Noob Fighter and Arena: Noob vs Pro

Controls: Mouse.

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