Angry Cat Run Zombies Alley GamePlay:

Angry Cat Run Zombies Alley is an enjoyable endless runner game. Here at juegos Y8, there is a long list of endless runner games with different themes but the same gameplay and every single option are worth playing. With this one, you will help Angry Cat run safely through the alley full of zombies. You collect coins and several power-ups along the way. Coins are used to unlock new characters and items in the store including magnet, star, X2, and health.

These items will help you enhance your achievement, go to the furthest and finish some missions such as reaching an x10 multiplier and slide for 150m. A completed mission rewards you. As your main goal is to run as far as possible, you need to avoid obstacles, zombies, and other creatures trying to stop you. Change the lanes, jump over the obstacles and slide under the barriers to keep your life safe.

Like almost endless runner games at https://y8y8y8.games/, you have only one chance each run. If you hit a zombie or an obstacle, your journey ends there. Each time you play, try hard to break the record that you set in the previous time. This is a fun time-killer game with infinite replayability for players of all ages. You don’t have a lot of skills to play it but just a little bit of attention. When playing, you need to focus on what is going on on the screen to get ready for the next action.

Enjoy your time here and make sure you discover the existing games and the new ones on our site. Some of the best options for you are Running Bot and Among escape.

How to play: Arrow keys to move.

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