Noob Flip GamePlay:

Strength training is the theme of Noob Flip, one of the best new Minecraft Games with Noob available for free on our website, where we will always make sure you have the best time in the world, even more so with our original productions, and we did this one because we know how much you enjoy skill games!

Hold a mouse button to introduce into the air, planning to release when you want to make a leap and do a backflip, and rotating in the air. Try to land on the red tile on your feet as you rotate in the air, because if the Noob falls anywhere else, hits his head, or falls flat, you lose the level at Y8y8. Have fun!

As you jump, try to time it so that you also grab the three stars in between you and the platform you need to land on. Use your coins to purchase new skins for Noob. You know what to do now, so give it your all at each level, no matter how difficult the guards make the game for you!

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Use the mouse or touch to play