Potion Flip GamePlay:

Flipping the bottle was a hot trend and there are many games about it. Potion Flip is inspired by the flip the bottle game and remake it a little bit to bring to you a refreshing experience. Why don’t you discover what it offers right now at y8y8y8? Imagine that you are a wizard and you need to make a magical mixture but an important is missing. Then, you have to take that potion to complete your mixture.

Let’s flip it through all the obstacles and make it drop right into the cauldron. Make sure the potion is complete. If it falls, it breaks and you lose. You can make a single flip or double or even triple trip to take the potion close to the cauldron. It must land on the furniture like a table, shelf, or chair. If it lands on the ground, it breaks into small pieces. The key is when to make a single flip and when to make a double flip.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you also need to collect the coins as well. To collect a coin, the potion must land on it. You can change the direction of each flip to collect coins. You don’t need to get coins to complete each level but coins are used to unlock new potions in the store. These new skins make your gaming experience better. So collect coins or not depends on you. However, it lightly changes the gaming experience.

Let’s complete all the levels from level one to the last one. Glass is easy to break, so be gentle. Have fun and don’t forget to explore more choices of games such as Brain Explosion and Cannon Surfer.


Left click to flip.

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