Flip Trickster 3D GamePlay:

Flip Trickster 3D is one of the simplest but the most challenging simulator games ever at juegos y8. The rule is simple enough for all of you but to master the game, it isn't easy at all. You will go through the easiest challenge and keep advancing to the hardest one. How can you succeed? Whether you are a newbie or a professional flipper, you can do it. A challenge is ready for you.

Come and conquer it in this physics flipping game. After the first level, you may think that it is impossible to master this game because it’s so tense. Timing your action is the key to win. You have to jump off the platform, flip at the right time to get the best result and land successfully. Your performance is based on 4 points in each level. You have to do at least one flip and get the silver to unlock the next stage. It’s a true challenge.

You may waste so much time to find out the trick. This unique flipping action game requires you to use your excellent reflexes and awesome hand-eye coordination. On http://y8y8y8.games/, it’s not easy to reach one of the four points. Maybe only the hardcore parkour legend can complete this mission. Is that you?

You will find out the answer when playing. The challenges may make you bored and want to give up but it also creates motivation and gives you more strength and energy to deal with it. Never stop flipping and never give up on flipping and you will succeed. Enjoy this game and explore more choices such as Touch The Wall and Groovy Ski


Tap or click to perform a backflip.

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