Touch The Wall GamePlay:

Touch The Wall is a unique combination of the running game and What’s The Time, Mr Wolf? For those who don’t know this childhood game. You and other players try to run toward without being caught of the person who plays as a wolf. The wolf periodically turns around. At that time, all players must stop action. If you get caught while moving, you have to replace the position of the wolf.

Here at y8 games for fun, this game is more competitive as you have to compete against other players in the hope of being the first one who reaches the finish line, avoid the world and dodge all obstacles along the way. You have to win the current race to enter the next round. To win, you must understand the countdown. There are two phases that you should notice including green and red.

During the green phase, you and other players are safe to run forward. Make sure you avoid all obstacles and try to pass your opponents. The red phase is dangerous on http://y8y8y8.games/. This time, the wolf will turn around and seek out the moving players. If the red light covers the whole running track, all competitors must stop. After a few seconds, it will focus on a random player allows other players to freely move.

Try to understand the timer to know when to move and when to stop. Among 5 contestants, there is only one winner. Make sure it’s you. If you lose, don’t give up, you have other chances in the future. Enjoy and have more fun in Hamster Grid Even Odd and Monkey Jumper.


Click the left mouse to stop and release to run.

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