Cut For Cat GamePlay:

Cut For Cat is an enjoyable puzzle game that has the same gameplay as Cut The Rope – a famous title that you may have played before. If you haven't given it a try, you can find and play it at Y8 juegos. Back to our current option, you have to feed a cat with candy. This cutie loves candy. You may think why the developers don’t replace candy with fish, right? Basically, you cut the rope to make the candy drop right into your cat’s mouth.

Does it sound simple to you? Well, you will find it extremely hard soon. You have to cut the right rope at the right moment to reach your goal. Of course, obstacles are there to make the gameplay more challenging and enjoyable. You have to cut the chains that block your way and make use of some objects to conveniently bring the candy to the cat. Importantly, you have to meet two requirements to finish each level.

Firstly, you feed the cat with the candy. Secondly, you collect all 3 stars. In many games on https://y8y8y8.games/, collecting stars is just a submission. Only one star is what you need to move to the next level. In the original one, you even don’t need any stars to complete a level. However, here collecting 3 stars is required. The cat only opens its mouth when the candy goes through all 3 stars.

With one or two stars, the cat doesn’t care about candy even it wants the candy so bad. What a tough cat. Try your best to unlock all 30 levels and then, check out other fun games such as Watermelon Run 3D and Puppy Sling

How to play: Touch or mouse to play.

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