Puppy Sling GamePlay:

If you don’t want the thrilling experience that a shooting game or action game offers and want something calm and relaxing, you come to the right place. Puppy Sling is such a game that gives you that vibe. Here at Y8 unblocked, it’s about dragging and launching the Puppy from this point to that point. It looks like our Puppy climbs up not by his feet but by launching. The way you do it is just like you shoot the puppy with a slingshot.

Your ultimate goal is to take the puppy to the highest place. From this pin, you drag the puppy, aim, and launch it to the next pin. Try to aim accurately because if you make the puppy drop, it turns into a bowl of bones and you need to start from the beginning. No option helps you to continue. The game becomes more challenging as you get higher because so many obstacles, traps are there to stop you.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, the puppy can be punched by giant hands or get shot and so on. Therefore, timing is the decisive factor. You not only have to aim perfectly but also shoot at the right time. It’s a skill and you have to prove that you have that skill. Sling, bounce, and swing your way to collect coins as well. Later on, coins can be used to unlock other puppies such as Corgis, Pugs, French Bulldogs, Shiba Inus, and more.

They are different in the breed but they are the same in terms of skills. They have no special skill. Have fun with the swing and sling moment here and give other games a try. These are 2 options that you should check out: Skate Rush Challenge and Chicken Climbing.

How to play: Drag and launch the puppy with your mouse.

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