DinosaurGame.io GamePlay:

DinosaurGame.io is pretty simple game which is playable on y8 online games 2020. The game brings you to an endless desert, a cute dinosaur and dangerous cacti. In this game, you control the dinosaur and your mission is to run as far as possible and get the 1st rank on the leaderboard.

At the beginning, you can enter your nickname. You will then press the up arrow key to start the game. The rules of DinosaurGame.io at http://y8y8y8.games/ are simple. Your dinosaur will run automatically. The cacti are obstacles for you in this exciting game. Also you will meet birds that will catch you when you jump. In any case it's a very fast and funny game. Might be very irritating, so don't spend much time playing it.

In addition, you can hardly miss how to participate in many other exciting new games similar to Bighero.io and Knor.io. Your world will be filled with the most special things. 


Use up arrow/w to jump

Use down arrow to lower the head

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