Escape Out GamePlay:

Another escape from prison game arrives challenging with new missions. Here at y8 unblocked, you have to plan your way to find your freedom outside the prison in Escape Out. This is a fun puzzle game that brings you to a thrilling escape adventure. Escaping has never been so fun. Check it out! So, in your opinion, what is the best way to get out of jail without using weapons and bleeding? Digging is the most used method so far. Well, the freedom of the prisoners depends on you.

You have to dig to create a tunnel to help them go outside the prison and get on the truck waiting for them outside. Yes, as soon as you go out, someone is waiting for you there. However, it’s not easy. This plan is hard to be successful because many unexpected traps and tricky obstacles appear to block your way. You should avoid them and make sure the prisoners are always safe along the way. On http://y8y8y8.games/, come with dangers are coins, golds, treasures, and more. Collect them to unlock new trucks in the store.

As you level, your escape plan meets more obstacles. More dangerous things are hidden in the ground and you also help your free your friend prisoners. They want to be free, so don’t leave them behind and go alone. Your characters automatically move forward in the game and you should dig the right way at first because if you make any mistakes, they can’t turn back and choose a different path.

Instead, you have to play that level once again. So enjoy the process and the result. Have fun here and in other games such as Join And Clash 2 and Sultan Match.

How to play:

Dig by using your left mouse.

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