Join And Clash 2 GamePlay:

Have you played the original Join And Clash at y8 boys game? If yes, there is good news for you. The addicting gameplay is back in the second installment called Join And Clash 2. If you haven’t tried the first version, don’t worry. This one doesn’t link to the first one, so you can jump in and play right away. Then, you can check the original version later. The gameplay is the same but it comes out with renewed graphics and levels.

It promises to bring you the great playing time like the first version and other games on our site. All you need to do is to save as many friends trapped in the cages as possible and you guys run forward and go through a series of obstacles, then beat a huge tiger at the end of the road. In each level, you have to deal with tons of dangers and a huge tiger.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, friends are important. Without them, you can’t go to the end. So, you should try your best to rescue as many of them as you can and they will help you reach your goal. As you level up, the mission becomes more and more challenging. However, if you go as a group of many members, nothing can stop you.

Watch out every move you take and don’t leave any of your friends behind. Save them and you are saved. Both the first version and the second are fun, enjoyable, and challenging. You can’t compare 2 versions with each other because they are great in their own way. So, try both games and beat all challenges there. Fun! Let's Catch and Alex The Alien are 2 of the best options that you shouldn’t miss.


Use your mouse to run.

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