Angry Skeletons GamePlay:

Angry Skeletons is a cool game that looks like the famous game Angry Birds in some ways. Firstly, its name also has the word Angry. Secondly, it also uses a slingshot to defeat enemies. Finally, everyone can pick up and play. This game is much easier than the popular Angry Birds, so even kids can enjoy. Here at y8 com 2020, when it comes to the differences, our game isn’t divided into several levels and seasons. Also, enemies won’t stand still or hide in the houses and you won’t shoot any birds to destroy their base.

Here, the enemy takes the initiative to come towards you. It brings you to an endless fighting journey in which you have to protect your diamond as long as you can. A skeleton army comes to your base and aims to steal this diamond. Don’t let it happen. Shoot them right after they appear. The closer they approach the diamond, the harder you eliminate them on http://y8y8y8.games/. Besides, not only 1 skeleton attack at a time but many skeletons come at once while you have only one slingshot and shoot only one shot each time.

However, if you choose the right time and distance to shoot, you can kill several skeletons at once. You have no power-ups, boosters and you can’t upgrade anything. You have to take advantage of your slingshot to defeat the enemy. You shoot Shull at the enemy to kill them. Adjust the angle and the power of each shoot to have the best result, especially you have to take action quickly before more enemies come.

Play and you will have a better score each time you play. If you want to enjoy more fun games, you just need to click on Jungle Bricks and Join & Clash.


Aim and shoot by using your mouse.

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