Angry Sharks GamePlay:

There is a poor shark who is starving right now. Can you help it find some food? The ocean is full of fish but also filled with dangers that only harm our little shark. In Angry Sharks at Y8 online games, you have to protect it from those dangers and help it hunt some fresh fish. You start with a little shark. You have 5 development stages. You have to fill the hunger bar on the top right of the screen by eating. Swim around and look for delicious fish.

The more your shark eats, the more your shark grows up. However, the ocean not only has marine creatures but also dangers. People are destroying the environment and they throw something dangerous into the sea. You have to stay away from those things. It means chemical tanks leak poison. Do not touch the poison bubbles and spiky fish as well. You have only 100 HP and if you die whenever stage you reach, you have to start from the beginning.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, when you still a small shark, stay away from the bigger ones. You can kill them. Just choose the small fish than you. Sometimes, you can see a fish carrying a heart around. Hunt for it to recover some HP. One important thing you will notice that all kinds of fish swim against you. You have to swim fast enough to catch them. When you level up and grow in size, smaller fish can be your snack. As you advance, the game puts you in a more challenging situation with more dangerous things such as mine, spears, and so on.

Be focused and try to avoid all these things to survive and grow into an adult shark. Have fun here and in other cool games such as Pocket Tower and Mineguy 2 Among Them.

How to play: Mouse to swim.