Mineguy 2 Among Them GamePlay:

Mineguy 2 Among Them brings you to the most thrilling battle ever between crewmates and impostors. Here, you play as a crewmate who has to hunt for impostors before you become the only one prey of them. At Y8Y8 Adventure games, shooting games are always popular and the most played games. This latest addition is also a must-try option for those who love Among Us, shooting, and action games.

Everything is straightforward. You appear on the battlefield right after you click the Play button. What you have to do next is to move around the map and shoot down every single impostor. This is a challenging mission. Impostors will appear from anywhere. You have to watch your back as well because maybe an impostor is trying to attack you from behind.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, when you see an impostor approaches you, you're better to move back, especially when you reload your weapons. There is a total of 12 levels and you can't find 2 levels that are the same. Difficult levels increase as you level up and something interesting is waiting for you ahead. Just hold your gun tightly and shoot at all moving things that come close to you. You have only 100 HP at each level and when your health runs out, then you know what you have to do next, don't you?

Don't forget to make use of all weapons or upgrades that you find on the map. They bring to you some advantages. Let's see how can you handle those impostors. Enjoy your time here and in other choices such as Wild West Clash and Archer vs Zombies Among As

Controls: Mouse to aim and shoot. WASD/arrow keys to move, left ctrl to sprint, X to crouch, Space to prone, F to use items, R to reload, H to holster weapon, G to use a grenade, V to use melee attacks.