Noob & Pro Skateboarding GamePlay:

Noob & Pro Skateboarding is an attractive and challenging skateboarding game in which you will control two characters at the same time. Yes, this game features 2 characters but instead of being enjoyed by two players, you will lead 2 characters to the finish line at once. Pro and Noob love skateboarding and they want to push their skateboarding skills to a new level. That’s why they decided to skateboard in a circle and you are here to help them reach their goal. Noob and Pro will skateboard in a circle and they move toward automatically.

When you click and hold your left mouse or tap and hold your finger. Pro and Noob will spin around. Depending on the position of each obstacle, you have to move Noob and Pro, so that they won’t hit the obstacles. It's insanely challenging and you will experience the challenge right from level 1. Even in the first level, you may have to restart it several times before you can clear it. Obstacles are placed close to each other; therefore, you may feel that you don’t have enough time to adjust the position of the 2 characters to keep them safe.

However, by playing and trying, you are sure to master the movement of Noob and Pro and help them reach the finish line at each level. Noob and Pro can collect a lot of coins on the way but don’t pay too much attention to collecting coins because this can put Noob and Pro’s life at risk. Besides, coins are just used to unlock new skateboards. So, have a safe skateboarding day, and don’t forget to explore more games at sports games. Here are some of the best Y8y8y8 online games that you shouldn’t miss Real Football and Goalkeeper Challenge.

How to play: AD or left/right arrow keys.

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