Super Noob Captured Miner GamePlay:

Mess around with this new game Super Noob Captured Miner is an engaging game where a little noob who necessities to escape from the jail and can do it by digging the earth!! could you at any point assist him with getting away? Find out!

The target of the game at Y8 free online is to help the little noob escape from the jail by digging the earth. Attract where to dig to open a field through the earth without being found! Gather the gold you find to work on your score yet be careful with the risks on the ground like dynamites, risky items! Try not to leave the ground until you arrive at the objective or the watchmen who are insane will get you! On your way you can find other noobs who attempted to get away however stalled out, help them and work on your score with each endeavor. 

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Use the mouse right click to escape

On Mobile: Touch

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