Make Up Queen R GamePlay:

Make Up Queen R is a great girl game that you can play for free along with other games. Here, you play as a KOL on social media. You live stream every night to show your fans and viewers how to make up like a supermodel. Today is like every day. You start your live stream. Your fans and viewers are waiting for you to see what you will show them today. So, unlike other Y8y8y8 make-up games in which you will pick a make-up look for your character, you have to copy the make-up look of a model.

All you need to do is to stop the makeup at the right time to get the same make-up look as the model from foundation, eyebrows to lipstick, and hairstyle. You will get scores from your performance. The score you get depends on the accuracy. The more accuracy, the more points you have. There are 3 stages with 3 different models and each with their own distinct style and preferences. If the make-up looks don’t look the same as the model, the game will be over and you have to start the game because you are living stream.

Your fans and viewers will get mad and won’t watch your live stream anymore if it’s not good. Keep in mind that timing is crucial. You need to stop your makeup application at the perfect moment to get the same makeup as the model. It’s a challenge and you are sure to succeed because you are a make-up queen on social media and it’s time to show off your skills. Have a successful live stream and enjoy more awesome games such as Fantasy Avatar Anime Dress Up and Valentines Matching Outfits.

Controls: Mouse.

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