Adventure Girl GamePlay:

Are you an adventure girl? Do you love adventuring? Adventure Girl takes you on an interesting journey that you always look for. Its gameplay is familiar. You may have experienced that gameplay in several games at y8 com com and out there. It's typically a version of Super Mario with 10 levels. Here, what you have to do is to help the girl come back home on each level. She goes out and has a great day. It’s time to go home.

The way back home is full of dangers and make sure to keep her safe. Jump over the obstacles, avoid carnivorous plants, defeat wild animals and run straight to the house. On your way, you should collect all apples. Apples play as your weapons. You can shoot apples at enemies to kill them. On a level, apple trees just appear twice. However, you can buy apples in the store with the coins that you collect on the way. You can jump to break golden bricks to collect some items such as HP, apples, and coins.

It sounds exactly like Super Mario, doesn’t it? Like other adventure games at https://y8y8y8.games/, once the girl reaches her house, you can move to the new stage. Each level gives you 3 lives and you can get extra lives by collecting hearts that you may find somewhere during your journey. 10 levels are 10 challenges and 10 adventures that give you an enjoyable gaming time after a hard-working or hard-studying day.

With simple control mechanisms and gameplay, kids can play this game as well. YOu can look for games for kids or games for all ages on our site. Here are 2 options you should check out: Owl and Rabbit Fashion and Santa Haircut

Instructions: Arrow keys to move, B to throw apples.

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