3 Minute Adventure GamePlay:

3 Minute Adventure is an enjoyable selection game in which you will have a chance to create your story in the game. Here at y8 game new, it means everything happens, later on, depending on your choices. This game is simple and impressive. When you launch the game, you won’t see any animations or effects but just a black screen with some white texts. The story starts at the point that a princess is captured by an evil and are you willing to save here? The story keeps going when you click Yes options. Then, with each click, a new event will appear and you keep choosing.

Each option opens a different event and it’s all about your chosen. The story will go in different directions. Each question has 1 to 3 answers, and read the story carefully to select the answer that matches the story's development. This game is easy and simple for everyone. You just need to select and keep going until the game ends. This is a 3-minute adventure and after 3 minutes, the story is completed.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you can play several times and each time you should choose another option to compare to the previous ones to enjoy a different story. This game is not for everyone. If you love reading a novel or something like this, you will fall in love with it.

However, don’t give up if you see the minimalist writing because keep playing and you will discover something interesting. After this game, you can explore tons of other options on our site. Some of the best ones for you are Ninja Runs 3D and Beaver Bomber


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