Beaver Bomber GamePlay:

Beaver Bomber is a fun puzzle game about a beaver hates bridges. He lives in a lake and people built many bridges here. He is thought that these bridges have ruined the landscape of the lake, its favorite abode. So, he planned to destroy these bridges to bring back the beauty of the lake. Here at y8 boys games, your mission is to help him reach his goal. As it’s a puzzle game, so you have to observe and think carefully to make a great movement. You shouldn’t move randomly because you will ruin everything.

Everything is simple at first, but it’s going to be more challenging as you level up, along with the level of fun. More challenges mean more fun and you can’t wait to play until the last level for sure. The tricky part is about the chosen of the first platform. You have to make the best choice of the first move to keep advancing. The wrong choice in the first move will make you fail in the end.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you should determine the path in your mind first, then take action. It’s hard to say how to make the first move that helps you succeed. You must make your decision. As he passes the bridge, he will throw a bomb and he has no path to come back but keep moving.

It likes a one-way ticket. Choose well and you win. Bad choice, you lose. Enjoy your time with this game and have more fun by experiencing other choices such as Mine Coin Adventure 2 and Mixed World


Click on each platform to move.

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