Zombie Sniper GamePlay:

The virus is spreading all over the world turning humans into zombies and now they hunt humans. You are the last hope of humanity. In Zombie Sniper at Y8 shooting games, you have a mission to be done. Some survivors are being chased by zombies. As a professional sniper, you have to shoot down zombies from afar without hurting humans. You can do it.

Each level requires you to kill a certain number of zombies. You have unlimited bullets but you don’t have much time because zombies approach humans closely over time. To kill zombies faster, you should aim and shoot at their heads. If you shoot at the body part, you need several shots to take their life. However, with a headshot, a zombie will die forever. Keep in mind that zombies won’t stay still. They chase humans and if you take action too late, then it’s truly too late to save the human.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, in some levels, you will see a can of gas there. Just wait until several zombies move close to the gas can, you shoot at the gas can to kill several zombies at once. With giant zombies, it’s much harder to kill them. When you run out of bullets, you need a few seconds to reload. At that time, zombies will get the chance to attack humans. Some items appear. Shoot at them to collect and you will get new weapons to fight against zombies. You can kill humans by accident.

Try your best to aim accurately to keep humans safe from your shots and zombies. The world needs your help. Break a leg and deal with new challenges in other fun games such as Stickman Training Hero and Castel Wars New Era

How to play: Mouse to aim and left click to shoot.

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