Stickman Training Hero GamePlay:

Superheroes are everywhere. You can meet a superhero in the movie, in real life, and games. Here at Y8 2 player games, you can even become a superhero. However, you have to go through a serious training course to level up your skills from basic to advanced to become a real hero who can protect the people who need to be protected. Are you ready for it? Do warm-up before you start because you have to work hard. So the training course has 4 lessons.

Each lesson focus on improving a skill including attack, fly, speed, and strength. Let’s dig into each lesson. First, in the lesson that improves your attacking skills, you have to shoot at the enemies when they appear. If you let them approach close to you, you will get more damage. Besides, you also have to shoot at the meteorites to break them. They drop at high speed and if you’re not good at reaction, you will be crashed.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, in the fly lesson, you have to fly through a series of obstacles and enemies. You can’t destroy the obstacles or kill enemies here. The only thing you can do is to dodge them. The speed lesson looks like a mini endless runner game where you have to run forward and avoid hitting the obstacles along the way. In the strength lesson, you have to beat as many enemies as possible using your fists.

Here, you can move around and bash them. In all 4 lessons, you can collect some power-up items that protect you or help you deal more damage. Do you pass each lesson with an excellent score? Check it out and make sure you give other games such as Castel Wars New Era and Gang Fall Party a try.

Controls: WASD/arrow keys to move, left click to shoot/jump/fly, Spacebar to hit.