Panda Hero Fighter GamePlay:

Panda Hero Fighter is an exciting combination of flying simulator and shooting game in which you control your airplane and fight against your enemies. The challenge is that you are alone while your enemies are crowded and powerful. Here at juegos de y8, to raise the chance to win, you have to combine many skills and have good eye-hand coordination. You not only have to dodge the attack and avoid crashing into enemies' airplanes but also shoot at them and destroy the turrets in the ground. Care of many things at the same time is not easy at all.

The enemy is very crowded, they attack from above and below. Therefore, you must be flexible in controlling the aircraft, flying through the trajectory of bullets. On http://y8y8y8.games/, you can show off your skills by conquering 25 levels. The control mechanism and rule are the same but the difficulty increases significantly as you level up.

Passing level 1 is hard, then you can imagine how challenging it is when the game processes. Be ready to handle something coming. Make sure to protect yourself because your blood is limited. If the health bar drops to 0, you will die before then war ends. It’s ok if you lose sometimes because you can learn from that and improve gradually.

So, hope you have fun and remember that our site contains tons of games from different genres so you can play for free all the time. Troll Face Quest: USA 2 and Snowball Office Fight are 2 of the best ones you should enjoy first.

How to play:

Use your mouse to control your airplane.

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