Snowball Office Fight GamePlay:

Release stress when you stay still for too long working in the office by starting a snowball fight. Winter is here and Christmas is coming. Why don’t you have some fun with your colleagues while working? It may boost your performance for sure. In Snowball Office Fight, you will have a chance to enter a fight like never before. Here at y8 3 player, your main goal is to throw snowballs to your colleague before you get hit by them.

If you get hit, your energy bar will decrease. When your energy bar reaches 0, you lose and you have to start the game from the beginning. You will get a holiday bonus for each colleague you hit with a snowball. When you run out of snowballs, you click on the Reload button to get more. At the end of a fight, you will face Santa Claus as a big boss. He is a strong opponent, so be careful and takedown him with your power.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, after you defeat Santa, your number of snowball increases and you can play more without often reloading. In real life, this game is no way allowed to play in the office but you can stay in the office and play this game, right? Of course, don’t let your boss know what you are doing.

As the game processes, it becomes more challenging to throw snowballs at your colleague because some officers from other rooms may come and enjoy. Good luck and enjoy your time. Besides, don’t forget to explore more choices of games as fun as this one such as Christmas Tree Fun and Floor Is Lava 3D

How to play:

Click on each colleague to attack him.

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