Kart Fight.io GamePlay:

IO games are always fun because you will play with other players around the world and the battle is highly competitive. Has just been added to the IO game collection at y8y8 games, Kart Fight.io will bring you to an epic battle that each play has to eliminate all opponents to become the only one winner. To win, other competitors must be eliminated except you. You must be the last man standing.

You drive a kart and you have to bump off other players to make them out of the battlefield. With each eliminated opponent, you become bigger and it means you are stronger. The battlefield is the space at the top of something like a building or small lands in the center of lava pool and so on. Once you fall, you can’t return to the battle. Wait for someone to move to the edge of the arena and you should quickly bump them off.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you also need to stay away from the edges. Become bigger and your pushing force will be more powerful. If you are small, you can’t deal with those are much bigger than yours unless you are lucky. As you are the winner, you will move to the new arena and unlock new characters.

Don’t forget to check out the requirement for the daily event, meet all of them and enjoy this event for more rewards. Bet that you can’t stop after 1 playing time. It will keep you hooked like other games such as FlipSurf.io and KnifeBlades.io.

How to play:

Move by using your mouse.

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