Kart Rush GamePlay:

If you love the racing game, you shouldn't miss a game called Kart Rush - an ultimate kart racing game that brings you to an intense race with different challenges. How are your racing and driving skills? Are you good at controlling speed? Have a test and prove that you are the kart master at y8 arcade games. Just like an endless runner game, this is an endless kart racing game that has no destination. It means that you go as far as possible and earn the highest score as you can. Your journey stops as you crash into any obstacles on the way.

To go further, you must go through a large series of barriers and obstacles. Keep in mind that you race at a very high speed, so it’s not easy to avoid them if you are bad at reflexes. However, failure means you can learn from it and get improves each time you play once again from the beginning. There is no tip or booster to help you get better achievements on http://y8y8y8.games/. But it doesn’t mean the game is just simple like that. If you want to speed up and leave your opponents behind, you can make use of the yellow arrows on the grounds. It helps you accelerate for a short time but it’s enough for you to expand the distance between you and your opponents.

However, dodging the obstacles is the most important thing here. At the high speed, you find it more difficult to dodge these annoying things at the right time. A great racing game includes many factors and depends on the interest of the players, each player finds their own favorite choices but this simple game is cool and it promises to bring to you the amazing experience with speed.

So give it a try and find out whether it’s your favorite or not. After that, you also can discover many different options on our site such as Thunder Plane and Future Racer.


Use your left click to race.

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