Thunder Plane GamePlay:

Define targets and shoot down enemies, that's your mission in Thunder Plane – the latest shooting game at y8 arcade games. Enemy squads have entered your country's airspace to attack from above. You must stop them before it's too late and try to survive as long as possible. This mission sounds easy and simple but you soon find it extremely hard to reach your target because the enemy is too crowded and you have to battle under the bad weather.

It’s raining and thundering. Such weather conditions do not directly damage your aircraft but it does reduce your visibility. You have 100 HP and due to each kind of damage, you will lose a certain amount of health. Especially, you won’t find any health boosts or power-up items during the battle or in the store. You also can’t upgrade your plane or buy a new one. This game is just simple like that.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, your health drops to zero means you lose and the game ends. You have to start from the beginning no matter how long you have gone through. There is no checkpoint where you keep battling when you die. So make sure you move up and move down flexible and avoid your enemy if you can’t deal with them. It’s fine if you leave some enemy planes to go away. Attack or avoid, it’s all up to you. Do everything to keep you safe and survive.

Besides, everyone can play this game because it’s not hard to control at all. If you want to try something new after spending time on this game, you can switch to other choices such as Bus Parking 3D and Furious Drift.


Spacebar to shoot, up/down arrow keys to go up/down.

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