Rope The City GamePlay:

At Y8 com, you can find so many games about building things like a city, a town, a house and so on. So what about destroying things? Have you ever tried a game in which you can destroy whatever you want? It can be a great choice to relieve stress after a hard-working or hard-studying day, right? Welcome to Rope The City. Here, you will use your rope to tighten everything to make it break into small pieces.

You just need to run and wrap each object with your rope and that object will be destroyed. It’s satisfying to see things broken apart. You are given a rope that has a certain length and strength. At level 1, you can only crush something small like trees, cars, trash cans, lamps, and so on. When you crush those things, you will get material and you run to the Shredder machine to exchange it for money.

Remember that you have to wrap a full loop of rope around objects to destroy them and you can only crush one object each time. Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, to crush bigger objects like a house or a building, you have to upgrade the rope power with coins. Besides, you can also upgrade the rope length, income, and carry limit. The more powerful the rope, the bigger objects it can crush. The longer the rope, the further you can reach. So, make sure you upgrade those stats to earn more coins.

When you reach the goal of the current level, you will move to the next level and keep pursuing your new goal. Have a great destroying time. Don’t forget to explore other fun games such as Maze & Labyrinth and Match 20 Challenge

How to play: Mouse.

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