Match 20 Challenge GamePlay:

Match 20 Challenge is a challenging and enjoyable puzzle about numbers at https://y8y8y8.games/. Don’t because it’s about numbers and you don’t play it. It’s super addicting. Here, your main objective is to get the biggest number possible by matching the same numbers. The gameplay is quite similar to 2048 if you have played that game before.

You will combine 2 blocks of the same number together to get a new number. The difference is that the new number that you get each time here is the next number in order instead of the sum of two numbers. You just have a few seconds to look for a pair of numbers and combine them. Do you see a bar at the top of the screen? It’s a timer. When time runs out, new cubes will appear on the game board and if any cubes reach the top of the gameboard, the game ends.

That’s why you should pile up the same number as fast as you can. There are several milestones to reach here and each time you reach a milestone, this Y8 2 player game becomes much more challenging as the cubes are linked together and time flies faster. If 2 cubes are linked together, it means you can’t move any of them around. You have to break that link first. You will see some +1 cube.

You can combine that cube with any cube on the game board. The +1 cube will add 1 to the block that you combine it with. Try to reach the highest score, then break it. Have a great gaming time here and in other games such as Epic Hole Runner and Rope Bawling 3

Controls: Mouse.

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