Epic Hole Runner GamePlay:

Epic Hole Runner is a cool combination of IO and runner games in which you control a black hole to move forward and swallow everything on the street to size up and get tons of diamonds at the end. You may find the same gameplay in many games at y8 games 3 player. However, it doesn’t mean there is nothing special to discover here. You will be surprised by what the game brings to you.

So, your ultimate goal is to get the highest level of the prize at the end of each level. To reach that goal, you have to control the black hole to suck everything on the way to growing in size. The bigger the hole, the more diamonds you get. The more objects you consume, the bigger the black hole grows and that’s what you want. However, watch out for the red barrels. When the black hole sucks the red barrels, these barrels will explode and make the black hole smaller.

Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, while red barrels damage the black hole, the green ones give the black hole a huge advantage. The green ones will trigger a rush mode in which the black hole will get the maximum size and nothing can harm it. In that mode, you don’t need to control your black hole but it will move ahead automatically and reach the highest level of diamonds and gold.

With gold, you can upgrade Extra points, Grow size, and Rush time of your black hole to set a new record each time you play. Unlock all levels and have fun with the bottomless black hole before you check out other fun games on our site such as Rope Bawling 3 and 3D Touch

How to play: Mouse.

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