3D Touch GamePlay:

3D Touch is one of the simplest and most interesting puzzle games at https://y8y8y8.games/ where you have to connect all the cubes on each level to create a possible path. The rube is you can connect those given cubes in the way you like but you have to use every single cube and don’t leave even a cube behind. Otherwise, the target path isn’t generated. It sounds easy and simple.

It sounds like nothing is challenging but when you level up and deal with the later levels, you will soon find them insanely challenging to reach your final goal. Once you move ahead, you can’t go back. It means if you leave a cube behind, you can’t go back and get it. Every single cube selected is your goal. That’s why you should plan your move before you take action. A puzzle has several solutions. There is no fixed solution that you have to follow. Be creative and build your own path.

This y8 fighting games game offers 100 levels with increasing difficulty. With each successful level, you get some points, and later on, you can use coins to unlock new skins to refresh your gameplay. The game doesn’t require you to finish a level within a certain amount of time. So, you don’t need to rush. Also, you don’t need to get at least 1 star to complete any levels. As soon as all cubes are used to make a path, that level is complete and the next level is unlocked.

That’s all about this game. It’s not only a great choice for adults but also an ideal option for kids. Enjoy it and have a great gaming time in other games such as Mosquito Run 3D and Odd Elimination

How to play: Mouse.

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