In Space GamePlay:

The shooter games that you have played before are too easy for you, right? That’s because you haven’t tried In Space – an addicting and challenging shooter game that takes you to space and there, you face hordes of alien creatures. You are locked in a broken spaceship and now, you are being surrounded by alien creatures. The only way to keep yourself safe is to kill time first. So, they come to you from all directions. Standing still will put you at risk.

You should move back while shooting at them. At the first level, worms will come close to you to bite you but as you level up, you will deal with new enemies. They can shoot at you or attack you from afar. To help you defeat them, this Y8y8y8 shooter game offers a wide range of power-ups that you can pick on among 3 randomly available options before starting the new match. These items can increase your shooting range, give you landmines and bonus malus, equip you with a laser beam or homing missile, or even a flying blade, and so on.

These things give you a lot of advantages in the battle because, in fact, you can’t win over enemies if you have only one gun. Besides those special items, you can also buy upgrades in the store with gems that you collect from enemies’ bodies. Furthermore, you can get something useful by shooting at the loot boxes on the map. When you get attacked and run out of HP, restarting that level is what you have to do next. What more are you looking for? Dive into the battle and get the victory. Have fun and don’t forget to visit action games and check out the following options Office Conflict and Slime Invader.

Controls: WASD or arrow keys to move and mouse to aim and shoot.

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