Forest Brothers GamePlay:

Squirrels love nut, everyone knows that, maybe. 2 squirrel brothers heard about a magic nut place where they can fill their stomach with tasty nuts. So, they decided to get there. Do you want to join them? Forest Brothers is the latest adventure game at juegos y8 where you control 2 little squirrels at once to reach the final place. Yes, instead of control only one character, you control 2 squirrels. This is a huge challenge.

Besides, you also face many enemies along the way. They will attack you. Some animals love innocent but the truth is that they are dangerous. For example, you have to stay away from the cute rabbits. They are actually bombs and they will blow up every time you come close to them. You will get damage. So, kill them first or jump over them to keep adventuring. Each squirrel has a limited amount of HP. Only one of them dies, your adventure ends immediately. You can earn extra HP during the game by collecting the health boxes.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you not only have to deal with enemies but also run against time because you have to take both squirrels to reach the final place within 5 minutes and 30 seconds at once. So be quick. You can play this game with a friend. Each of you controls a character. It’s much easier and faster than when you control both of them. Control 2 characters at the same time are not easy.

However, feel free to challenge yourself with that. Have a safe and sound journey and don’t forget to enjoy your free time with other games such as Adventure Hero and Galaxy Defense.


Use WASD and arrow keys to play.

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