Emergency HQ: City Rescuer GamePlay:

Caution! The city is on fire. Everything is burning. Many people need help. They are stuck inside their houses and buildings. They can’t go out through the exit or the door. The only way to escape from the fire is to jump through the window. You are here in Emergency HQ: City Rescuer to help people in distress. Carry the stretcher and try your best to catch those who are about to jump off and bring them to the ambulance.

It sounds simple but it's not easy to pick up people who jump off. Two people who carry the stretcher will auto-run ahead. You have to control them to go to the red circles on the road. Once they get there, a person will jump and land on the stretcher. However, it’s not done yet. You have to keep them safe from dangers such as fires, spikes, and so on. If they hit one of those obstacles, your mission fails. In fact, you don’t have to save all people in distress. Leaving some people behind and it’s fine. As soon as two people who carry the stretcher crosses the finish line safely, that level completes.

However, the more people you save, the more stars you get. Stars in this Y8y8y8 rescue game are used to buy new stretchers in the shop. The same as other level-based games published by Y8, the mission becomes more challenging as you advance. The situation is much more dangerous and more people need to be rescued. Get ready all the time for the upcoming missions. Break your leg and don’t forget to challenge yourself with new missions in other cool games such as Workshop Tools Link and Word Search Summer.

How to play: Mouse.

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