Space Escape GamePlay:

Space Escape is a fun and challenging puzzle game at Y8 com new games in which you help an astronaut find his way back to the spaceship. You go out of the spaceship and now, you are lost. How to get back to the spaceship and escape from space? Every single level of 30 levels requires you to reach the spaceship by moving in the right way and avoiding all deadly obstacles. You don’t have to clear each mission within a given time.

However, finish as fast as possible with the fewest moves to get 3 stars in each level, even though you just need only one star to move to the next level. As soon as the astronaut reaches the spaceship, your mission at the current level is done. You maneuver the astronaut with a button on the screen. You can drag the astronaut to the left, right, up, and down easily. However, be careful because you’re easy to put him in danger.

Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, as you proceed, the mission becomes harder and harder. You and your astronaut will deal with more dangers. The later levels are no longer as simple as the previous ones. The way back to the spaceship is full of obstacles and your problem skills will be tested at a whole new level. You may not complete a level on the first try. Some levels will make you play several times. And of course, this game doesn’t offer any hints to help you.

It’s all up to you to solve the puzzle. Whether the astronaut can escape from space or not, depends on you. Have a great time and make sure you check out other fun games such as Oceania and Numbers 1

Controls: Mouse.

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