Space Rush GamePlay:

Space Rush is a special combination of the famous Among Us and Zombie Tsunami. These games are 2 hits that many players around the world love to play. What do we have when we combine the gameplay of Zombie Tsunami with characters of Among Us? Yes, we have this latest game at Y8 games. If you have played 2 games before, then you will conquer this game at ease or not because it depends on your skills. Let’s talk about your mission.

Your main objective is to collect as many coins as you can, save as many friends as possible, and go as far as possible. Saving your friends is your main goal but they will help you go through various obstacles and keep your journey lasting longer. You play as a leader of a group of Among Us characters and you have to increase the number of team members. If you hit any obstacles and you can’t guide all members to pass over them, some of them will be left behind.

Try to jump over obstacles, traps and dodge bombs and other dangers in the game. On http://y8y8y8.games/, keep in mind that you can only save friends equal to the current number of members in the group. It means if your group has 4 people including you, you can only save another group of people with less than 4 members.

In this game, you can use collected coins to buy some useful items in the store. It may bring to you some advantages. Have a safe journey and don’t forget to discover other options for free on our site. Some of them are Majestic Hero and Rookie Bowman.

How to play:

Use your left click to jump over the obstacles.

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