Rail Rush GamePlay:

You sit on a rickshaw and it is moving in the tunnel with very fast speed at game online Rail Rush. Your mission in this game at y8 games is to move as flexible and collect as much gold as possible. If you control rickshaw the wrong way, the game will probably end. Obstacles force you to jump, cross, or even move right or left.

The golden blocks will appear on the left or right side of the rickshaw. You can skillfully pick them up and raise your score as high as you can. Rail Rush is definitely one of the addictive games for you. After being instructed how to play, you will continue the game with your own controls without any tutorial of the game. The farthest you can go in this tunnel with your gold will give you the highest score. You have the opportunity to participate in the game without being bothered by the ads or the load speed of the game.

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You can use the arrow keys to move rickshaw to the left or right or to overcome the obstacles

Press A and D to dodge obstacles and get the gold coins.

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