Music Rush GamePlay:

Music Rush is a 3D music game in which you control a ball rolling forwards to create and listen to your favorite tunes. If you are a music lover, you will favor this fast-paced rhythm game at y8com. It likes a combination of an endless runner game and music game that can make you surprise by many things. Can you complete an endless music journey without any mistakes? It’s hard but with a little bit of luck and practice, nothing is impossible.

On an ever-changing path, you have to make the ball roll and crash right into the ball of the same color by switching the lane. Make sure you always focus because this is a fast-paced game, so if you miss a second, you will lose. Drift through the curves with the flow of the rhythm, feel the music and roll the ball without stopping. When the ball passes the ramp, it will change the color. So you have to keep up with this change to meet other balls of the same color.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you will see something glowing along the way. They are tokens and you should collect many of them to buy some new stuff in the store for the ball. These items will make the ball look cool and stylish. The next song won’t be unlocked unless you complete 100% of the current itinerary. The level of challenge of the game depends on the difficulty of each song and you only know it when the song is played.

There are some amazing options for music lovers besides this one such as Jelly Madness and Loop Mania. Check them out to enjoy a different experience.

How to play:

Tap and hold to switch lanes.

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